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The Tropical Postcard Club TPCC was established to give members an opportunity to exchange, buy, sell, and learn about postcard  collecting.
Members reside in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Meetings are held in Deerfield Beach, Florida, the second Saturday of each month which does not have a show. Hours from 12 noon to 3pm.

Location is the Deerfield Beach Historical Society Old School House Building. Directions HERE.

The TPCC members meet the second Saturday to exchange, buy, sell, and learn about postcards

Please note that visitors are always welcome to attend the monthly meeting.
Club members can evaluate collections for visitors.
And donations to the club are appreciated.

Howdy from the Tropical Postcard Club in Deerfield Beach Florida.

The Tropical Postcard Club meetings are being held on the second Saturday of each month. 

Activities begin at noon and run until 3PM. Refreshments are often provided.

Members are encouraged to bring items to sell, trade, or donate. There is usually a show and tell short presentation by a member.

The club website with numerous details about postcard collecting is online at click 

There is a table at meetings where many hundreds of items are donated by members to be given away to members at no charge.

Here are tentative details about the auction:


Each member may enter up to five items or lots in this auction. There will be no fee to enter items into the auction. These auction items will be available for members to view and bid on for a yet to be determined period of time during the meeting. Bidders may enter their initials or name when entering a bid amount. A bid increase is suggested to be 25 cents. When the time has ended for the auction, the highest bidder will pay the owner of the auction item the amount of the winning bid.

The owner of the sold item(s) will then pay the Tropical Postcard Club 10% of the winning bid.

Members may place items in the auction as a donation to the club where all proceeds will go to the club if sold. These items will show "club" as owner. Unsold items will be returned to the member who donates the item(s).

Members are not required to place any items up for bid. Further, members are not required to bid on any item in the auction.

The club will not be responsible for lost or damaged items submitted into this auction.

This activity is offered on a trial basis. Send suggestions to improve the auction to .

Here is a proposed bid slip which is to be attached to each item up for bid. Copies of this bid slip will be made available at future meetings.

Click HERE to print more copies online.

Tropical Postcard Club Auction

Item Description ______________________________________________


Starting Bid ____________________________________________


Owner ______________________________________________________

Bid amount Bidder name or initials

The club will not be collecting dues for 2023.



The location is the Old Classroom Building at 323 NE 2nd Street in Deerfield Beach, Florida. 

Directions HERE Deerfield Historical Society Old Classroom Building ( 




David U. Larson 

Show and Sale Events are held twice yearly.

Location is the to be announced

Dealer space is available. Tentatively table rent is 20% of dealer sales at the event.

Contact the show chairman Tom Moore at 305 666 0219.

The TPPC is the sponsor for show events where dealers from many locations present postcards for sale.

Upcoming Events - If your organization plans to have a postcard event, please send details for inclusion on this collector website for postcards.

Additional Club Meetings in 2023:

November  11

December  9


Note: here is a link to a blog by the president of the club, Michael Hopkins.


“Miss You, Wish you were here. . .”

Here with link to facebook page about the club:


Join the TPCC. Click HERE for details.

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Tentative shows October 14th, 2023  March 9th, 2024.

This website sponsored and produced by David U. Larson, member of the TPCC since 1989.
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